Breed standard»

GENERAL APPEARANCE: a dog with a long, luxurious mantle, divided into parting along the top line.

HEAD: small and flat.

MORD: neat, not long.

EARS: small, V-shaped, standing, abundantly covered with short hair.

EYES: medium size, color from green-brown to dark brown.

URINE: nose black

JAWS / TEETH: a regular scissor bite,

BODY: compact, with a flat top line.

FEET: not too long.

FEET: Rounded.

SKIN: pink with golden spots.

TAIL: not docked, high set, abundantly covered with wool.

COLOR: from white-gold to shades of equal gold color

BODY: white-gold, or gold does not matter in what distribution (a golden hue of color may, but is not obliged, very much lighten in an adult dog, so guess it only as golden dust, hence the name "Golddust" -Golden dust). In the case of white and gold color - chest, belly and paws are white.

Coat is long, silk texture, there should not be black hair on the coat of an adult dog (black hair tips are allowed in puppies).

WEIGHT: up to 3.1 kg (the bitches are allowed slightly more).

GROWTH: up to 22 cm.

DISADVANTAGES: bright eyes, not colored nostrils, hanging ears, malocclusion, wavy or curly hair.

Note: Due to the fact that the breed is not recognized by FCI, some parameters in the Standard may have different interpretations in the standard of various clubs in Germany and Europe. The above Standard is a variant of the IBC Standard for Breed. We draw your attention to the fact that in this version the weight is limited to 3, 1 kg, the height is 22 cm, while the Breed Standard adopted in the German club, of which the first Goldastov breeder is a member, provides weight up to 5 kg and growth from 21 cm to 25 cm.