Sir-Boniface Secret du Chocolate Peperuda
Champion of Russia, Champion of Eurasia, European Champion, Champion of the Golden Dog Cup.
dam - Angel Sudby Angel Bell Bluebell, Junior Champion of Russia, Champion of Eurasia, Champion of Estonia, Multi Champion of Russia, Date of birth- April 8, 2018, In litter 4 boys

sire dam
Пикачу Клуб Лео Бинари
Сладко- шоколадный малыш!!! Смельчак- весельчак!!! Ожидаемый вес 2200-2300 For sale
Пинки Пай Клуб Лео Бинари 
Шоколадное Чудо!!! Озорник-затейник!!!Ожидаемый вес 2000-2200. For sale
Пумба Клуб Лео Бинари 
Шоколадное обаяние!!! Умник- разумник!!! Ожидаемый вес 2400-2600. For sale
Пинки Клуб Лео Бинари 
Мини- шоколадик!!!! Самый сладкий малыш !!! Нежный и ласковый !!! Ожидаемый вес 1600-1800. For sale

dam- Cherry Chocolate Excellent Gold Benilux.  Breed - Chocolate Merle
sire - Boniface Secret Du Chocolate Peperuda.  Breed - Chocolate york
Date of birth - 7 .02 2018. In the litter of 7 puppies - 3 chocolate Merle and 4 chocolate York

sire dam
Love Panthers Club Leo Binary
The girl of the rarest breed Chocolate Merle!
Very interesting for show and breeding! Average standard, expected weight 2600-2800 sold
Girl, breed Chocolate Merlet
Laura Gracia Jaguar Club Leo Binari
For show, breeding and great love !!!! A small panther, full of exotic charm and charisma!! sold
Li- Lu Chocolate Love Club Leo Binary
Girl of chocolate Chocolate York for show and breeding!
Colorful chocolate with a very dark tan on the paws. Medium standard! sold
Our baby !!! The most gentle and affectionate !!! Mini!!!
Lucky Bambina Club Leo Binari for sale
Leo Barni Club Leo Binary Boy Breed Chocolate Merle with 1 blue eye  sold
Chocolate prince. Lancelot Club Leo Binari. sold
And baby Leo Club Leo Binari! Mini! sold

Club Leo Binary have puppies for sale out of the most beautiful representatives of the breed: Sir - Blue Adamant Feimos Star - Multichampion, Interchampion, World Champion 2017. Dam - Mademoiselle Coco Club Leo Binari - Junior Champion of Russia. Date of birth December 25, 2017

Father Mother
Uventus Favorite Club Leo Binary.  Midium standard, expected weight 2300-2500 sold
Ustas ( Stierlitz) Club Leo Binary. Midium standard, expected weight 2400-2600. sold

Urgent Code Sikret. Mini, expected weight 1700-1800. sold
Unique Star Club Leo Binary small standard sold
for sale Beautiful female Golden York, 3.5 months old, German pedigree, microchip, vet passaport

Kennel Leo Binari in year of Golden Dog, presents the exclusive litter of puppies out of the legendary, most beautiful and titled Beaver in the World. Goluboi Adamant Famous Star-Junior Champion of Russia, Junior Champion of the National Club of Breed, Champion of RFSS, Champion RFLS, Champion of OANKOO, Champion of RKF, Champion of Mordovia, Champion of Azerbaijan, Champion of Cynological Union of Azerbaijan, Grand Champion of Azerbaijan, Champion of Cyprus, Winner of show Aphrodite-2017, MultiChampion of Cyprus, Champion of Belarus, Grand Champion of Belarus, Champion of Ukraine, Champion KSU, Grand Champion of Russia, National Club Champion, National Club Champion, Champion of North Westphalia (Germany), World Champion 2017, Interchampion, Multichampion and Moms - Maksbievershaus Cleo The Fathers Glory-Junior Champion of Russia, Junior Champion of National Club, Champion of Russia, Champion of RKF, Champion RFSS, Champion OANKOO, Champion RFLS. - all puppies sold

Father Mother
Ruby True Love Club Leo Binary 
Крупный стандарт для шоу и разведения ( резерв Америка) - SOLD
Royal Rose Club Leo Binary 
Крупный стандарт для шоу и разведения! - SOLD
Red Foxy Club Leo Binary 
Мелкий стандарт! ( резерв Америка)
Ruslana Sapphires’Glow
Средний стандарт. Без ошибок!!! - SOLD
Rebecca Rial Doll Мини!!! - SOLD