You will have a puppy

Before you bring a puppy into the house, you must create a safe environment for it. Preparing a home for the behavior of a tiny dog ​​is not much different from that if you are expecting a baby. Like a small child, the puppy is curious and unable to distinguish a toy from a dangerous object. Preparation of the house must begin in advance.

Puppy is peculiar to try everything on the tooth: shoes, pots with flowers, wires. This can not only depress the owner, but also harm the health of the dog.

The puppy can accidentally swallow any small objects left in sight, which can lead to injury, poisoning and even death. Therefore, all small items should be kept in special tightly closed containers.

Hide the shoes in the closet, and then the puppies love to lick and bite them, and the shoes are full of germs.

Make sure that the puppy is not accessible cables and electric wires. You can roll and fasten long wires and place them in an inaccessible place.
Drugs, washing powders, any other chemical preparations should be stored in an unreachable place.
Floor pots of flowers put higher: the puppy will always with pleasure unearth the earth, scatter it, and also taste it, which is fraught with inflammation of the intestine. Often house plants are toxic to dogs and can cause serious and even fatal poisoning.

As a rule, carpets do not get along well with dogs - puppies like to do their business on them - but if you decide to remove them, do not leave the floor naked and slippery so that the puppy does not get paws in different directions.

Finally everything is checked. Now imagine that you are a puppy. Go down to the floor and look around the room with the height of the puppy, I assure you that you will find a lot of things that you forgot about (from bare wires to small items under furniture). Without this, somewhat extravagant procedure, you are unlikely to notice the nail sticking out under the sofa, which your puppy would easily run into if he climbed under his ball.

What will the puppy need?
As a rule, puppies need a little: a cozy bed, food, toys and a host, on the lap of which you can cozily coil. Of course, every good owner knows that something else is needed: a collar and leash, a road box, bowls for feed, hair combs, quality shampoo and so on. You can buy everything you need in pet stores and supermarkets. Perhaps you will find something useful for a dog among the old toys of your children or friends
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My life lasts only ten-fourteen years. Every parting with you for me is a real grief. Think about it before you leave me.

* Give me time to think and understand what you want of me.
* Do not be mad at me for long. Please, never lock me!
* You have work, entertainment, friends. I have only you.
* Talk to me. Let I do not understand all the words, but I can well distinguish intonation.
* Before you hit me, think: my teeth can easily bite your hand. I'm not doing this.
* If I'm waddling for you on a walk, think: maybe my stomach hurts, I'm overheated in the sun and feel bad or just tired.
* Surround me with care when I grow old. You too will someday be an old one.
Be always near if I'm sick. It is easier for me from one of your presence.
* If you come from work tired, do not yell at me and do not drive, when I happily throw myself to lick you at a meeting. Remember that I was sitting all day alone at home and missed you terribly!
* Let me rely on you all my life.